About Us


Bilgi Education, “Lifelong Education Center” of Istanbul Bilgi University, offers individual and professional development oriented certificate programs. Bilgi Education develops training and educational programs for various age groups with different occupational backgrounds and interests. While through its professional collaborations, making its programs up-to-date and of high-standards, Bilgi Education, besides professional training programs, offers culture and arts programs; it stands out as a centre which brings together a teaching staff of professionals and experts in their fields, as well as academics from all fields and disciplines.

Bilgi Education, being a multi-purpose organization, adopts versatile and participative qualities, offering individual trainings, research and analyses, national and international projects, certification services, seminars and conferences to its participants, leading to an increase in their competitiveness, as well as supporting their self-development.

The programs are held at Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul and Dolapdere campuses.

Profesional Development Programs

Bilgi Education develops individual skills, areas of knowledge, and acts to increase participants’ competencies. Professional training and development programs aim to inform about the on-going changes in today's world to participants who currently work at various occupations and/or wish to improve themselves. All participants who attend the programs are delivered high-standard courses taught by experienced renowned academics and active professionals in their fields, and participants experience theory as well as practice in their respective fields.

Training Methods

Lectures and presentations

Case studies, workshops

Real-life applications

Field Applications, Outside Activities

Culture and Arts Programs

Culture and Arts Programs reveal the creativity of individuals, widening their perspective on cultural and art-related phenomena, and pioneer the individual self-development on a social level. Culture and Arts Programs, prepared by academics and experts of their fields, examine in depth social dynamics, and aim at achieving the formation of new blends in the development of individuals.